Cyber Security

As technology grows more advanced and sophisticated, businesses must be increasingly vigilant about safeguarding their IT Infrastructure like data, devices, operations and networks from cyber security threats. With the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks, security is an increasingly challenging task that is of paramount importance for businesses of all sizes. It is mission critical to have a world-class suite of cyber security services for your organization.

Managed-data centers

Transform your data center to seamlessly respond to IT complexities from the evolution of cloud and edge computing, Data centers infrastructure is key to meeting the demands of an innovative, always-on world.

Managed-NOC & SOC

Outsourced NOC services stand for Network Operation Center team that works remotely to ensure maximum availability and best data threat detection parameters are followed. NOC services for various types of networks, servers, databases along with improving performance while reducing the capital expenditure.

IT Auditing

We provide assistance in ISO 27001/PCI-DSS/SOX-404 pre-certification reviews as well as advisory services to safeguard credit/debit card holder data as per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Alongside, we support clients in compliance to SOX act by carrying out management testing of IT general controls required for SOX-404 certification.

Artifical Intelligence

We are a Machine Learning Consulting firm experienced in applying latest AI research to solve business problems. We can extract structure from any natural language documents, identify entities and relations, search and rank documents based on relevance, comprehend and take actions, and perform many such tasks.


IoT is a network of connected smart devices providing rich data. The IoT architecture is a fundamental way to design the various elements of IoT, so that it can deliver services over the networks and serve the needs for the future.